The School Buildings

The school is housed in an attractive two storey building in the grounds of St Mary’s Priory. The classrooms are very pleasantly situated, looking out over our playground and large grassed area on which the children may play in fine weather. The playground and field are bordered by mature trees, which lend a rural air to the children’s play. The original building was situated in Harborne High Street. The foundation stone of the school on its present site was laid on May 13th 1895. Extensions to the building were added in 1936, 1953 and 1971.
We have recently undergone a very significant building expansion that will see the school increase from a one form entry school to a full two form entry school by 2017 - 18. This is to be achieved on a class by class / year on year basis; the process of expansion began with our very first two form entry in September 2011. The Governors continue to make improvements to the building, they have a long term plan which is reviewed on a regular basis and as funds permit.
We are a junior and infant school and so our children are normally admitted at 4+ and remain until they enter secondary school. There are several advantages to this, the most obvious being that, on admission to our Reception class, your child remains with the same children and with teachers who will know your child until s/he enters secondary school. Your child enters as one of a group of 60 children who are soon absorbed into the whole school community. School policies are formulated by the whole staff to cover the whole age range. This is highly beneficial to the child, not only in terms of the teaching and learning experiences, but also in the assessment of the child as s/he progresses through the National Curriculum. We currently have 390 children on the register.
The Government’s policy is to admit 60 children into each Reception class each year. The children are grouped in seven age bands. Children are taught in whole classes, in similar ability groups, in mixed ability groups, in pairs or as individuals; all at the professional discretion of the teacher and to best serve the learning at any particular time.