Our Governors

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Governing Body Membership

2018 -2019


Foundation Governors:

Mr David Collins (Chair)

Mr Stuart McGrath (Vice Chair)


Fr John Reid OSA (Parish Priest)

Ms Helena Cusack (Headteacher)

Mrs Loretta Turner

Mrs Norah Durrant

Mrs Helen Jones

Mrs Anne Figgins


Elected Parent Governors:

Mr Andrew Carroll

Mr Roger Le Blanc


 Elected Staff Governor:

Mr J. Blaney (Deputy Headteacher)


Appointed Local Authority Governor:  Ms M Higgins


Clerk to the Governors: Mrs Deborah Yardley


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Governing Body Committee Membership

at September 2018


Finance & Staffing

 Mrs L Turner

Mr D. Collins

Mr J Blaney

Ms M. Higgins

 Mrs H Jones

Ms H Cusack

 Ms M. Higgins

Mr S McGrath









 Mr R Le Blanc

 Fr J Reid OSA 

Mr J. Blaney

Mrs N Durrant (Chair)

Mr S McGrath

Ms H Cusack

Mr D Collins

 Mrs H Jones


 Mrs A Figgins






Link Governor Responsibility: Ms Helena Cusack

Subject Governor Responsibility:

Science – Mrs H Jones

Numeracy - Mrs L Turner

Literacy  -  Mrs H Jones

RE –  Fr John Reid

Safeguarding – Mr J. Blaney 

SEND  – Mr A. Carroll

Governance at St Mary's  - The Roles and Routines of our Governors
November 2017 - Mr Andrew Carroll was re-elected as Parent Governor unopposed