Absences and medical information

UNPLANNED ABSENCES: If your child is absent due to illness, or any unexpected reason, you must inform the school via telephone message and letter. Absences that are not accounted for will be marked as ‘unauthorised’ and may lead to formal action being taken.
PLANNED ABSENCE Absences due to medical appointments etc. are always authorised, though we do encourage these appointments to be made outside of the school day whenever possible. To enable parents to plan holidays, the term dates are given well in advance. Holidays booked during term time will not be authorised, in keeping with the latest Government regulations – September 2013.
MEDICINES IN SCHOOL Please be aware that school staff DO NOT normally administer medicines to children except in the case of an eppi pen – for which we are specially trained. If your child requires antibiotics or any other prescribed medication then you will need to make arrangements to administer the dose yourself. However, should a child require such medicines that need to be given during the school day – and is old enough to administer themselves under supervision of an adult they may do so providing a school form is filled in.
DENTAL AND MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS If these occur in school time the child must be collected from school by an adult. The child will be signed out and should return to school following the appointment. Parents are asked to provide a copy of the appointment letter or we will copy it for you.
MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS The Local Health Authority carries out health check examinations in the Reception Class. These take place in school and are conducted by a school nurse.