Start/end of School Day Arrangements

The school day arrangements are as follows:
Gate opens at 8.30 am and closes at 8.43 am

Your child will be marked ‘late’ if they arrive in the classroom after 8:45 am.

Until children enter the school gates under the care of school staff, they remain the responsibility of the adult who has dropped them off. 

The school day begins for all pupils  at  8.45am


3.15 Pick Up (Reception and KS1)

Green Zone = Reception (less those with KS2 siblings)

Red Zone = Y1 & Y2 (less those with KS2 siblings)

KS1 pupils with KS2 siblings wait in the classroom with their TA to be dismissed at 3:30 with their siblings.


3.30 Pick Up (KS2 and siblings)

Blue Zone = KS1 children with their KS2 sibling

Red Zone = Y5&Y6

Green Zone = Y3 & Y4