St Mary’s Music curriculum provides a wide range of opportunities for children become confident and reflective musicians. They will be developing and celebrating their God-given gifts of attentive listening, singing, playing, composing, and performing.

An interconnected spiral curriculum means that children develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental building blocks of music – such as tempo, pitch, or dynamics – from Early Years exploration to performances in Year 6. The spiral means that children can access new musical concepts while re-visiting established skills. Children are exposed to music from cultures around the world and are taught to listen with a discerning ear. They learn a variety of songs, allowing them to put their theoretical knowledge of rhythm and melody into practice. Children will learn to play tuned and untuned instruments and are given opportunities to perform to audiences. They are able to respond thoughtfully to professional musicians, improvise using taught skills, and create new compositions using different notations.

Enhancing our music curriculum further, children are given the opportunity to have private tuition from our guitar, violin and piano teachers and to work their way through the grades in music and compete in competitions.

Our aim at St. Mary’s is to build a legacy of musicianship that children will carry with them beyond St Mary’s. Children will develop a life-long love of music through exposure to diverse musical experiences and opportunities to express their creativity.


Purpose of study

At St. Mary’s, we believe that music is an essential part of a balanced education for all children. It

  • is a powerful, unique form of communication and is a vehicle for self-expression
  • is an integral part of all cultures, past and present
  • develops concentration, perseverance, co-ordination and memory
  • promotes co-operation, a sense of group identity and togetherness
  • increases self-discipline and creativity, sensitivity and fulfilment
  • can inspire and motivate



At St Mary’s Primary School, we recognise music as something that develops the whole child by providing a practical, co-operative and enjoyable experience, which every pupil can access at some level. We aim for all children to be given the opportunity to:

  • enjoy music that they create themselves
  • have the chance to develop musically at their own level and pace
  • develop understanding and knowledge of music through making, listening to and responding to a wide range of musical styles from different times and cultures;
  • provide activities that develop musical concepts and skills sequentially
  • listen to a variety of music (recorded or played live)
  • perform musically to a wider audience, e.g. class assemblies, school productions, concerts, liturgical celebrations and services.
  • be inspired to develop a life-long appreciation of the subject.