Mrs L Yorke


Mrs A Davis

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs R Jones

Senior Teacher (Assessment and Learning Lead)

Mrs B Woulfe

Teacher - Year RT

Mrs E Russell

Teacher - Year RT

Miss H Detheridge

Teacher - Year RB

Miss K Heath

Teacher - Year 1F

Miss E Bennett

Teacher - Year 1L

Mr B Gambles

Teacher - Year 2G

Miss E Busby

Teacher -Year 2E

Miss S Thompson

Teacher -Year 3T

Miss L Adams

Teacher -Year 3L

Miss J Preedy

Teacher -Year 4J

Miss N Heneghan

Teacher - Year 4M

Mrs S Snios

Teacher - Year 5F

Miss A Daykin Pont

Teacher - Year 5M

Mrs L Noone

Teacher - 6O

Mrs K Tibbatts

Teacher - Year 6O

Miss S Horton

Teacher -Year 6R

Miss C Hill
Mrs R Richards


Mrs C Keating


Miss R Ruhan


Mrs L McConnell


Mrs A Baille

Teacher - French and Art

Mrs S Tame

Support staff - Pastoral Support and Behaviour Lead

Mrs J Pitt

Support staff - TA in Year R

Miss M Robinson

Support staff - TA in Year R

Mrs N Campbell

Support Staff - TA in Year R

Miss A Lawlor

Support staff - TA in Year 1

Mrs J Kopera

Support staff - TA in Year 1

Mrs R Shipman

Support staff - TA in Year 2

Miss N Leacey

Support staff - TA in Year 2

Mrs F Lassey

Support staff - TA in Year 3

Ms T Parmar

Support staff - TA in Year 4

Mrs M Nguyen

Support staff - TA in Year 5

Miss N Wrigley

Support staff - TA in Year 6

Mrs P Salgado Garcia

Support staff - TA

Mrs J Catling

Academic Mentor

Mrs C Whittingham

Academic Mentor

Mrs R Shepherd

Support staff - Admin

Mrs A Miller

Support staff - Admin

Mrs L Reeson
Mrs T Vincent

Support staff - Admin

Mr A Reid

Support staff - Site Manager

 Mrs Lawrence Cleaner
Mrs Zolana Maria Cleaner
Mrs Phillips Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Goncalves Sousa Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Dyke Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Rani Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs McNamara Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Chakka Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Niklaszewska Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Yates Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Harnett Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Lewis Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Batool Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Khatun Lunchtime Supervisor
 Mrs Perry Lunchtime Supervisor