Intent Statement - Whole School Curriculum


At. St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, it is our intention to deliver a fully inclusive curriculum where every child makes progress across all areas of learning from their given starting points.  In order to achieve this, we provide an engaging and stimulating curriculum, rooted in the Catholic values and our mission statement - “in all things - love”.  

Our ambitious curriculum builds on children’s knowledge and skills, and promotes independence and risk-taking, so that our children realise their full human potential.   Our learning is contextualised and meaningful to our children.  Our teaching, across the range of subjects, allows pupils to experience well-sequenced lessons that inspire them to ask questions and want to know more. This enables pupils to reflect on previous learning, acquire new knowledge and skills; and embed these.


As a ‘Building the Kingdom’ school, we are encouraging our children to be ambassadors of our faith and to implement the teachings of Jesus’ Gospel values and to put Catholic Social teaching in to action. In doing this, we aim to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Preparing our children to live and lead in a world that is quickly evolving, knowing that the decisions that they make will impact the future.  Our children will leave St. Mary’s understanding their responsibility in contributing positively to the world. Their learning and experiences throughout their time at our school will equip them with the skills and resilience needed to flourish and overcome challenges, as they move in to the next stage of their lives.