Miss H Detheridge

History Lead


History is about real people who lived, and real events which happened in the past that influence our actions today. History is concerned with sequence, time and chronology, and is the study of evidence about the past. It gives us a sense of identity, set within our social, political, cultural and economic relationships. History fires the children’s curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world and plays an essential part in preparing us for living and working in the contemporary world. It shapes the customs and beliefs of the communities to which we belong. Pupils consider how the past influences the present, what past societies were like, how these societies organised their politics, and what beliefs and cultures influenced people’s actions. As they do this, children develop a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant events and people. They see the diversity of human experience, and understand more about themselves as individuals and members of society. What they learn can influence their decisions about personal choices, attitudes and values. In History lessons children find evidence, consider, debate and reach their own conclusions. To do this they need to be able to research, sift through evidence, and argue for their point of view – skills that are prized in adult life. 

At Saint Mary’s we are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in History, which will help them to become well-rounded, compassionate and ambitious thinkers as they grow.  

Our aims are that all children:
 • acquire a balanced knowledge about the past
 • develop an understanding of what has occurred in the past and how it influences our lives today
 • develop a sense of chronology through sequencing events and objects
 • develop a feeling of empathy with people in the past
 • form a sense of personal identity
 • acquire skills to become critical and independent thinkers
 • derive enjoyment and a sense of achievement through their work.


Our history curriculum is taught through our weekly topic lessons and our whole school approach to Building the Kingdom.  Our lessons address any gaps in prior knowledge, checking what children know from previous learning before moving learning forward.  Our lessons build a good understanding of chronological timelines and historical understanding, as learning is set in a specific and meaningful context. 

Knowledge, skills and vocabulary are planned for in our progression document, which ensures that children have the opportunity to revise and build upon previously acquired knowledge.  Our lessons are relevant and engaging, which helps children to embed and memorise learning.   

This is done via:-

  • relevant, over-arching deep questions
  • timeline work
  • whole school events and themes
  • building up children's understanding of their place in history
  • historical enquiry and asking questions