Our objectives

OBJECTIVES – How we carry out our aims:
To achieve our aims we shall:
Develop the teaching of Religious Education in the school, as recommended by the Archdiocese, i.e. The RE Strategy.
Maintain the quality of our pastoral care, with particular regard to our mission statemen
Support the Parish based programmes of Sacramental Preparation
Arrange a full programme of prayer and liturgy
Teach about the main Festivals of other Faiths, emphasising any similarities with Catholicism
Emphasise shared truths and values between Catholicism and other Faiths.
Be involved in events within St Mary’s Parish and in the wider community
Teach the National Curriculum with regard to statutory requirements
Continue our full programme of parental involvement, including reporting to parents according to Statutory requirements
Develop child centred methods of teaching and learning based on well planned and structured programmes
Implement and monitor a whole school assessment policy to monitor pupil progress
Implement and monitor a Homework policy
Implement and monitor a policy of Equal Opportunities, Race Relations and Inclusion.
Make provision for children with Special Needs.
Develop a full programme of professional development for the staff.