Pastoral care and behaviour

Pastoral care of the children is exercised by all the staff and is based on Christian values. Throughout the school we emphasise that each child should be encouraged and given every opportunity to learn and to develop a genuine sense of responsibility and self-discipline. We try to develop high self-esteem coupled with esteem and respect for other people.
We aim to create a sense of school community that is warm, sympathetic, and well ordered, with all the characteristics of a good caring home. Discipline is therefore fair and firm without being harsh or repressive. We exercise a policy of positive reinforcement of good behaviour and attitudes, giving praise and encouragement whenever possible.
The great majority of our children respond well. On the occasions where difficulties occur, parents are informed, and we work to resolve matters in partnership with the parents, whose support is essential. When punishment is required it generally takes the form of withdrawal of privileges. Corporal punishment is never used.
We are fortunate to have dedicated staff who are deeply committed to the well being of all our pupils. One example of this is that we have purchased the support of a professional mentor, from Zacchaeus Centre, who works closely with selected pupils to enhance self-image. We follow the discipline policy of the Birmingham Education Authority as set out in the Authority’s General Policy Document on Primary Schools.