Year Four

Autumn Term


Home Learning

Reading and times tables practice should be done throughout the week. Your child will be given spelling homework on a Monday, which will be tested on a Friday. Times tables will also be tested weekly. Children will also be set Literacy and Maths homework to enhance the skills learnt in school. Additionally, this half term - alongside their topic work they will be studying - the children will be encouraged to develop their creative and cross-curricular skills through a series of project tasks to be handed in before the half term break.


During this term, children will learn about some important stories from the Book of Genesis, in particular the story of Creation. They will understand how the story of creation highlights how human beings are made in God’s image and likeness and that we need to respect and value this in one another. We will then move on to study the prayer life of Jesus as he grew up. Children will be introduced to some prayers from the Old Testament and be able to explain why it is important to call and to pray to God the Father.


This half term, each child will explore the structure, themes and language of fantasy stories through the reading and interpreting of new and familiar texts. Role-play and hot-seating will encourage children to investigate how alternative settings may influence characters’ reactions. It will also allow children to devise their own questions and influence their writing where they will be creating their own fantastical events and stories.

In addition, the children will analyse and evaluate explanation texts. They will understand and apply knowledge of how to construct them to best demonstrate what their intended purpose should be.

The final area of focus will be on play scripts. The children will be examining their presentation, language, whilst also enjoying opportunities to develop their performance skills too.

Throughout their lessons, the children also be developing their vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling whilst also continuing to read weekly.


During this half term, children will continue to develop their place value knowledge, including decimals, and their calculation methods, in particular addition and subtraction. Each child will review and refine their mental maths strategies by apply these to their calculations, before moving onto written methods. There will be many opportunities of the children to explore Maths in a ‘real life’ context, which will allow them to solve problems, make decisions and check their calculations. During this term, children will be exploring shape as well as also telling the time on a 12 hour digital and analogue clock. It would be helpful if you could support your child at home, by regularly asking them to tell you the time, using clocks, watches and digital devices.

It is important that children are regularly practising their times tables up to x12 at home to ensure rapid recall.


During the first half term, Year 4’s Topic will be Sparks Might Fly. The children will explore both the history and importance of electricity. They will also begin to gain a greater understanding of the types of electricity around them whilst also considering electricity danger and the importance of being safe. 


During science lessons, the children will be exploring electricity from a greater practical perspective. There will be opportunities for the children to build and test circuits whilst also building models or tools that incorporate one. Additionally, children will be able to understand how familiar electrical appliances work, such as a light bulb.


During PE lessons this half term, the children will be focussing on Gymnastics. Their skills of balance, movement, co-ordination and organisation will be developed and will be applied to be independent and group routines.