Year One

Autumn Term

Parents can help their child by listening to them read on a daily basis, questioning their child about what they are reading and encouraging them to make predictions about the story.

Parents should also begin to help their child to learn to read and spell using the THRASS chart. Children are also beginning to recognise and learn that two letters can make one sound (diagraphs). Highlighting diagraphs when reading and spelling with your child will support them with their learning.

During our numeracy lessons children will be learning all the number pairs that total 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and will also count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. Therefore your support on this will be much appreciated.


Core Subject areas


The children will hear the story of creation from the book of Genesis. They will explore the signs of God’s love, care and blessings in creation and human life. The children will take part in celebrations which express thanks and praise. They will write thanks giving psalms. They will recognise the place and value of celebrations in family, school and parish life. They will re-enact celebrations in the life of Jesus.



The children will read different stories by the same author (Oliver Jeffers). They will innovate and create their own versions of the text.  The children will also create non-chronological reports and look into poems.  . They will learn to recognise and use full stops, capital letters and some conjunctions (and, because etc). The children will continue to use the THRASS programme and will begin Extended Writing on a weekly basis.


Handwriting, Grammar and Phonics

Children will be taught the correct formation of cursive letters, paying attention to the size and position of the letters. They will continue to be taught Phonics, Punctuation and Grammar and will therefore continue to apply phonic knowledge by segmenting (breaking words down) for spelling and blending (putting sounds together) for reading.

We will also reinforce sentence structure and use of appropriate punctuation. Useful websites: and



The children will cover a number of topics including understanding, knowing, naming and ordering numbers to twenty and beyond, addition and subtraction. There will also be a lot of emphasis on number pairs to 10 and the use of mental strategies.



During the first half term children will focus on their topic ‘Penguins, possums and pigs’ in which they will explore animals. Children will discuss and answer questions about animals and will explore their features and habitat.