Our Saints

Our School's Patron - St. Mary


Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ and the Patron Saint of our school. She is also known as the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother Mary, Oueen of Angels, Our Lady and Mother of God just to name a few. She watches over all of us with motherly love and care.

We turn to Mary as a role model as she was obedient to God's plan, even though it would make her life difficult. Mary teaches us that with God, anything is possible. 

Our School Prayer is devoted to Our Lady:


St. Mary’s School Prayer 

Mary, my loving Mother,
enfold me this day
in your arms. 


Draw me ever closer to Jesus,
your Son and protect me always. 


Help me to continue to grow
in the great virtues  

of faith, hope and love
so that with you I can say: 


God has done great things
for me and Holy is His name. 


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