St. Mary's Church

At St Mary's Catholic Primary School, we have a responsibility to nurture and promote the Catholic faith of our pupils through our programme of Religious Education and the day-to-day organisation and running of the school so that the spiritual presence of Jesus Christ is clearly evident to all and His teachings are reflected in every aspect of school life.


We work closely with St Mary's Church and the children visit Church regularly. Different Year groups celebrate Mass each week and we also have regular Whole School Masses which are celebrated throughout the year.


As well as attending Mass, the children visit Church to develop their understanding of the RE curriculum e.g. tours of the Church, looking at the signs and symbols and finding out more about the role of the priest in our community.


Children also visit Church to take part in liturgical celebrations such as Nativities and Carol Concerts.


Please consider popping in to St Mary's Church on your way home from dropping off your children to school, or maybe when you have collected them at the end of the day.